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Bushranger Encore Fuzion

Bushranger Encore Fuzion,

These are just some of the common moving parts.

If you require parts, please try to supply correct part numbers

"Part number Price
ENC353111 Deck belt to suite 34"cut $81
ENC5354114 pump belt to suit 34"cut $43.95

Part number description Price
ENC535112 pump belt $43.95
ENC535114 deck belt 42" cut $168
ENC535139 deck belt 48: cut $169.50
ENC535189 hydro fan $65
ENC423029 high lift balde $44
ENC483050 high lift blade


ENC483078 pulley $75
ENC523329 idler pulley $45
ENC583106 Blade spindel assymbly

ENC583106x1.JPG ENC583106x2.JPG

ENC583498 61" air filter 27hp Diahatsu $99.50
ENC823242 61" drive belt $181.40
ENC823351 Pump drive idler $42.10
ENC823354 61" mulcher blade $35

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