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67 Chesswas Street
Penshurst 3289
Tel 03 5576 5583


Come in and inspect our Grillo range.

We have the walk behind self

propelled HWT600 and 700 Trimmers

and the Princess and G45 rotary tillers

in stock.

Ready to go to work in your private or commercial properties.

The high wheel trimmers make short work of the long grass around trees, shrubs, rocks and fencelines.

grillo trimmer.png Grillo HWT700.jpg

Wheeled Trimmers

Self propelled walk behind wipper snipper


Walk behind brush cutter

grillo G72.jpg grillo G100.jpg

Rotary Tillers

grillo climber.jpg

Climber range of mowers

Grillo FX 27.jpg

FDX 27 Zero turn hydrostatic ride on mowers

Grillo FD 900.jpg

FD range of grillo mowers.

email inquiries

or phone us on 03 5576 5583